The best application of Windows 10 for your new PC in 2018

Which Windows 10 application is required for your new PC? There are ten required downloads here.

These are the best apps for your new Windows 10 PC
I just bought and set up a new Windows 10 PC, so I am looking for a great app to get started. Regardless of productivity and entertainment, the Windows store provides all necessary applications. Here is the best app for your new Windows 10 PC.

1. Read
Many people use Reddit everyday to get messages and laugh, make new friends with related interests, and waste business time. Readit (free) is a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application for Reddit and has a virtually perfect user interface. All messages are stored in the left frame of the window and can be scrolled. In the right frame of the window, what you want to read is displayed as a comment.

With the pop-up sidebar you can easily find and publish subcredit. Also, various settings guarantee that Reddit’s experience meets your needs.

2. Big Tube
There is no official YouTube application for Windows 10, but you can not enjoy favorite videos with a standalone application. The Awesome Tube (free) interface makes it easy to browse the most popular videos. You can also record videos for later viewing. Using the picture-in-picture feature, you can search for more videos while maintaining the current playback in small frames.

Do you have content you want to share? The created work can be downloaded directly from the application. As long as YouTube is done on your PC, this free UWP app is the best.

3rd Instagram

The Instagram application for Windows 10 (free) was not something written, but it has been what many people wanted, looking at many updates. If you know Instagram on your smartphone, you will feel at home here. You can swipe or scroll through the list to find feeds, find new interesting contributors, manage your profile, and see all the hobbies you receive.

For more information on your Windows 10 PC social network, see the Twitter application and Facebook application.

4. Netflix

Netflix, also known as Cutter’s Dream, has recently released an incredible series in addition to the extensive collection of popular movies and TV shows. With an intuitive Windows 10 application, you can easily access the entire installation without opening a web browser.

Have you activated the Netflix Subscription trigger yet? Never be too late! The package range is $ 7.99 to $ 11.99 per month.

5. Adob ​​e Photoshop Express

The full version of Adobe Photoshop Elements is a powerful editing tool, but many users do not need many features. Photoshop Express (free) is the answer.

Basic tools such as cropping, mirroring, rotation and smoothing are available, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, and exposure. It is a perfect and lightweight photo editing editor for casual users who do not disturb your system.

Do you need more energy? Please see Adobe Photoshop Elements 15.

6. Microsoft task
Microsoft To-Do (free) replacing Wunderlist provides a simple user interface for organizing everything to the user. You can add your own list and name it, you can sort everything by name, date, and completion. There is a My Day feature that can focus on some important tasks that are reset at the beginning of a new day. To-Do suggests the task you do on a regular basis.

In addition, you can synchronize your Outlook task with ToDo so you can easily track all of your multitasking. We added deadlines, reminders and notes, and we have a wealth of productivity applications with room for improvement.

7. Enpassieren
As additional security becomes important, one step to enhance security is to create strong and unique passwords. The problem is that it is difficult to remember all passwords without a password manager.

Enpass ($ 9.99) has a UWP application, it is compatible with Windows Hello and has Edge extensions. As data is saved locally, security is further improved. It has all the features you love, such as password generator, auto-input password, one-time password, cloud sync, folder support, secure web browser.

8. Office 365
Office 365 is a subscription template that provides all of your favorite desktop tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Depending on the needs of the user, you can choose between Private Suite, Private Suite, and Professional Suite and choose from annual or monthly subscriptions. One of the best features of Office 365 subscriptions is 1 TB access to OneDrive storage.

One of the best features of Office 365 subscriptions is 1 TB access to OneDrive storage. If you want to use cloud storage, you can take advantage of this excellent offer and benefit from free office suites. The Office 365 home plan starts at about $ 10 a month, or about $ 100 per year.

9. Spot music
As Groove Music approaches, Microsoft suggests switching to Spotify, and it supports all streaming music needs. The Spotify application is free, you can enjoy some services without paying anything.

However, if you want to stream music on advertisements or on-demand, or if you want to listen offline, consider subscribing to a premium subscription for about $ 10 per month if you prefer a better one. As for applications, it is simplified and easy to use, so you have to think more about the song you listen first, not the play button.

10. Windows Central
As a new stylish Windows 10 PC has appeared, you probably want to correspond to the latest Windows news. What is better than Windows Central? Our application is very easy to navigate with different tabs such as phone, surface, Xbox, apps etc.

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