The best mini personal computer you can buy

We spent 38 hours studying, video recording and editing to examine this wiki’s best decision. Even if you are trying to shrink your home office space, even if you need a portable and powerful computing option than a laptop, you can work with an excellent mini PC. The PCs on our list require little space, but their specifications may be comparable to some of the largest desktops on the market. Sorted by size, speed, performance. You can earn a commission to support our work by purchasing your own editing hints. Please access the best mini PC on Amazon.
Think about it before buying
If you are in the mini PC market, there are a few factors you need to consider before you make a final purchase.
We will first decide what you absolutely need and what functions you do not need. Some minicomputers are included in the basic package that contains only boxes, motherboards, and processors. If you need a computer with operating system, antivirus, RAM, and other systems required for device operation, you can find what comes with the installed system. It should be noted that the base unit is generally cheaper than fully equipped ones.
Next, remember to purchase keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers and other accessories separately. You need to purchase Bluetooth or USB mouse, keyboard, speaker. Mini PC does not have the traditional attachment of the old version of these items. Since the mini-PC probably has a mini HDMI port, please make sure that the purchased monitor also has an HDMI port.
Third, decide whether to upgrade the computer in the future. Since mini PC is very tight, it can only update RAM and hard disk. If you want to update the processor one day, the mini PC may not be the right choice.
Fourth, while mini PCs are on the market instead of traditional desktops, it is important to use portable RAM instead of desktop RAM. They work well and behave like any other computer, but its performance is not the performance of a normal desktop computer. If you are satisfied with the performance provided by the average laptop, a mini PC is a good choice.
Finally, decide how to use the computer to determine the required programs and processors. When connecting to a TV and using it as a multimedia device, a computer that can install Linux system is suitable. If you plan to use it for work or other personal use, like an average PC, look for the best operating system and processor to suit your specific needs.

1. Lenovo ThinkCentre M910
The Lenovo ThinkCentre M910 provides a valuable combination of features. It is an affordable unit with more expensive option specifications and performance and incorporates quality and processing power into a very small design.
• Processor speed up to 3 GHz
• 6 USB ports installed
• Supports 4 screens

2. Intel NUC 7
Intel® NUC 7 features 4K video support and Intel Iris Pro Graphics 650 to truly attract movies and games. Prices are steep compared to many similar devices, but this is the best policy if you want something that can do what a powerful desktop can do.
• Seventh generation i7 processor
• Suitable for audio and video editing.
• 1 terabyte solid state drive
Brand installation
Model NUC 7i 7 BNH
Weight 4 pounds

3. Minix Neo Z 83-3
Minix Neo Z 83 – 4 is based on Intel ‘s Quad – Core Cherry Trail Processor and can quickly execute most home computing tasks. This keeps the unit’s price low while supporting something like 4K video.
• It will not get too hot
32 gigabytes of flash memory
• Windows 10 is preinstalled
Model NEO – Z 83 –
Weight 2.1 lb

4. Acer · Beliton N
Acer Veriton N is an ideal solution for those looking for a media center that needs 1 terabyte of disk space. Ideal for playing music, shows and even older video games.
• Up to 16 gigabytes of RAM
VGA port for old output
• Keyboard and mouse are included
Brand Acer Veriton
Acer Veriton N model
Weight 7.9 pounds

5. Asus VivoMini
Asus VivoMini has a processor for relatively simple configuration, fast start and response time, delayed multitasking. The Nvidia GeForce GT 930M graphics card is also suitable for game applications.
• 4-in-1 card reader

• HDMI mini output
• Support for two monitors
Brand Asus
Model VM65N-G063Z
Weight 4.7 pounds
Evaluation 4.1 / 5.0

6. Prater Z 83 – W
The Z83-W tray is a tray for those who need a method to do basic work. The lack of memory and processing power means that nothing is the case for everyone, but it’s a great way for those who are too clumsy to keep Chromebooks intact.
• Wall mount bracket included

• 1 year warranty
• HD video delivery is difficult
Brand Prater
Model Z83-W MINI PC
Weight 1.4 lb

7. Samsung ArtPC
Samsung ArtPC’s most impressive aspect is a cylindrical design. All guests will be pleased with the size and shape before they can do serious arithmetic operations in addition to the regular tower.
Integrated omnidirectional speaker
• Configurable light ring
• Expensive specifications
Brand Samsung
The model arrives
Weight is off

8. Zotac ZBox Nano
Zotac ZBox Nano is passively cooled by flowing air into the grill of the body and guarantees quiet operation perfect for work areas requiring a break. Depending on what you want, you can purchase with various processors.
• Supports up to 32 GB of RAM
• Microphone input
• There are some problems with 4K TV
Model ZBOX – CI 549 NAO – U
Weight 3.6 lb

9. Azulle Access Plus
Azulle Access Plus packs the major computer components into a stick that connects directly to the monitor’s HDMI port. Ideal for those who want to minimize office space.
• Intel quad-core processor
• Extend memory to 128 gigabytes
• Slightly malnourished
Model A-1063-AAP-5
Weight 14.2 oz

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