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Guide to the latest 2018 best mobile phone. Please see the latest review and customer guide on the best smartphone in the UK.

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There are lots of things you like, such as Galaxy S 9, iPhone X, Google Pixel 2, who is the king of the castle? They come in all shapes, sizes and prices, so that they can review and evaluate the best mobile phones that you can buy.
Best mobile phone purchase guide for 2018
When choosing a phone, these elements may be mixed in your list, such as quality and design, ease of use, functionality, performance, value.
In general, the price of the main phone is £ 600 to £ 800, but in some cases it may be over £ 1,000 (iPhone X). The contract looks average from 30 pounds to 50 pounds per month, but you can use more.
We think that purchasing a phone directly is the best value, but of course a SIM card is necessary. If you do not have it yet, please check out our best SIM offer only.
If the latest mobile phone is too expensive, think of an older generation mobile phone. These are the main phones, but you can use it at an average price even if you are 1 or 2 years old.
So we are converting all previous generation smartphones into the best midrange graphics. Mobile phones such as Galaxy S8 and LG G6 are on this chart at less than 500 pounds.
Do I need to purchase mobile phones equipped with Android, iOS, Windows?
There are multiple mobile operating systems, but only two are required to mention: Android and iOS. Since Windows mobile phones account for about 1% of all mobile phones sold, it is reasonable to use Android or iPhone.
Most of mobile phones are currently running on Android. Oreo is the latest version. Apple’s iOS platform market share is much smaller, but developers are almost always constantly publishing their applications to iOS, so it’s one of the best app store you can find.
If you have an Android phone or iPhone and switch to a different kind of mobile phone, you can easily move contacts and other data. What you can not move is a paid app. Remember, if you are considering changing the platform.

Why do you need to purchase a phone that is not locked?
Unlocked phones are phones that are not associated with a particular mobile operator such as Vodafone or EE. Unlocking usually means purchasing a phone without a SIM card.
The key point is that an unlocked phone is almost always a better choice than buying a phone based on a contract.
The only exception is the Apple iPhone. Owing to the traditional popularity, businesses often support the cost of purchasing an iPhone in order to engage in long-term profitable business.
In general, however, if you can pay the initial fee of the phone, you will lose the lifespan of the purchased mobile phone by purchasing.
More importantly, you are not trapped. If you want a new mobile phone at any time you can purchase a new mobile phone without withdrawing from the contract or contracting for another two years.
SIM free and unlock
When purchasing a phone that is not locked or “without SIM card”, please make sure that all handsets without SIM card are not unlocked.
Awesome Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 is a classic example. Although it is without SIM, if you want to use it for a network other than Vodafone, you have to pay £ 20 to unlock it after using it for 1 month with Vodafone SIM card.
EE brand mobile phones as well. In both cases, it is best to unlock the phone rather than purchasing the phone using a networked phone and purchasing it on a contract basis.
The contents are as stated below

Correct SIM card
Another thing you have to remember is the size and shape of the SIM card required for your phone. If your phone requires a Nano SIM card, please make sure you have a Nano SIM card.
If you make a mistake, it is easy to solve. Each network like to send another SIM card. SIM cards are usually available in all three sizes.
But suppose you have a new SIM card, if you are looking for a phone without a SIM card or an unlocked phone you will already have it.
You can purchase an adapter that can insert a SIM or micro SIM card into a full size SIM card or SIM card at a negligible price.
More importantly, if you need 4G, you get 4G compatible phones and SIM cards.

Looking for a particularly big phone? Especially large device (Fabre) has another figure, so you can see it here.
Best 2018 UK cell phone – Best phone survey
1. Samsung Galaxy S 9

• Revision: March 16, 2018
• MSRP: USD 719
• Buy from Samsung
It is no doubt that the Galaxy S9 is the best mobile phone of the year so far. It provides a wonderful global experience with Samsung and skillfully combines design, hardware and software to make an attractive phone for all types of users.
If you need extra cameras, big screens or other internal upgrades, you need to spend more on Galaxy S 9+. Increase in RAM, storage, battery is not noticeable.
However, improvements such as cameras and biometrics are smaller in S8 and S8 can not avoid improving S8 in many respects, but it can be done at a higher price. Last year’s model users probably can not justify the upgrade and users before S7 may want to get S8 at a much cheaper price.
Samsung Galaxy S 9 Read reviews
2. Huawei P20 Pro

• Revision: April 9, 2018
• EIA: confirmed
In P20 Pro, Huawei delivered a wonderful mobile phone to be on your list with Galaxy S 9 and iPhone X. Of course, lack of stability of 4K video, equipped with headphone jack and wireless charge function, P20 Pro will not disappoint you if photography takes precedence.
Add a battery, two SIM slots, a long life of the big screen, it is one of the best mobile phones in 2018.
This is more than the regular model, so if you do not mind two rear cameras and do not mind impregnation and LCD versus OLED, you can save $ 200 on regular P20.
Please read the test of Huawei P20 Pro.
3. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

• Revision: 11th December 2017
• MSRP: $ 930
• Buy from Samsung
Galaxy Note 8 is expensive, but the best thing in life is not cheap. If you can handle the price, we are really excited about the 8 th grade. Until you see it, you probably think that someone will decide the cheaper Galaxy S8 +, but S Pen justifies this price difference.
Performance is overwhelming, the screen is amazing, the picture is not responsible. Even Bixby turned out to be exaggerated unnecessary functions we were afraid of.
A possible drawback is that it is an expensive price tag, a somewhat troublesome fingerprint scanner, a body of very large glass and is more fragile than a metal shell phone.
Please read the report of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
4. OnePlus 5T

• Revision: January 4, 2018
• Distributor: from 499 dollars
• Buy with OnePlus
It is not surprising that OnePlus 5T is very similar to OnePlus 5 or it exists. In 2017 all companies do not have the 18: 9 screen bezel on the store shelf.
But OnePlus not on many shelves for the online retail approach, but the base voice of many voices who bought 5 will be bored by 5T. OnePlus needed to quickly update its design language to accommodate a wider market, but this still needs a break, 5T is a better overall device than 5.
And do not forget that OnePlus 5T of £ 449 is an exceptionally multifaceted smartphone. This is at least £ 100 cheaper than something similar, sometimes nearly £ 300 less.
You can buy the price (without impregnation and wireless charging) but if you agree that the camera is not top draw and if it will probably be exchanged in 6 months, that is a good choice.
Review Review OnePlus 5T.
5. Apple iPhone X

• Revision: February 8, 2018
• MSRP: $ 999 (64 GB). US $ 1149 (256 GB)
There are many quirks in iPhone X. There is nothing that I can not get used to, I’m confident that Apple will make improvements and improvements.
Compared to other new iPhones, X acquires a signed contract despite some exclusive features. And you can get an Android phone with the same price and cheap price, but iPhone X does not possess excellent devices in every field.
The big question here is whether you can definitely spend the price tag. We can only reply for Apple fortunately, you should not spend that amount on the technology you use most, iPhone X is very good?
Read the review Apple iPhone X.
6. LG V 30

• Revision: February 23, 2018
• PPR: $ 799
• Buy with LG Electronics
There are many things I love about V30. This is because LG adopts G6, improved in key areas, and already a stylish design refined way. Now the price is reasonable £ 599, we can offer this mobile phone with excellent design, screen, camera and audio.
Read the review LG V 30.
7. Google Pixel 2

• Revision: December 12, 2017
• MSRP: $ 649
• Buy with Google
Until you turn it on, Pixel 2 is a boring mobile phone. Empty material melts and you can see Android’s future breath by fully integrated machine learning. It’s not pretty, but it’s here.
Cameras with only one lens in some competitors are mostly better than most in most cases because of the superiority of embedded software. Purchasing Google hardware gains its benefits and ultimately Apple has realized an end-to-end product that is manufactured for 10 years.
If you want to defeat your smartphone and make friends want jealousy, Pixel 2 will not want it, but you can take better photos faster than the Galaxy S8. Provide the best overall camera and software experience on any Android smartphone.
Please read the review of Google Pixel 2.
8. Huawei Mate 10 Pro

• Revision: November 17, 2017
• PPR: $ 799
• Buy with Huawei
Mate 10 Pro is simply one of Huawei ‘s best mobile phones and cameras are not as good as Pixel 2 XL, but the screen is good, the battery life is long, and the processing power is the same.
In fact, there may be more things on the AI ​​processor, but there is no guarantee that applications will appear to be using them. Even if they do not exist, it is still a wonderful phone.
Please read Huawei Mate 10 Pro test.
9. Google Pixel 2 XL

• Revision: 11th December 2017
• MSRP: US $ 849 (64 GB). US $ 949 (128 GB)
• Buy with Google
Pixel 2 XL is a wonderful mobile phone. It is well designed, well built and looks good. It is possible to remember that there are no headphone jack or microSD slot due to screen problems.
This is the place where Galaxy S8 Plus appears. Slightly cheap, there are functions and adjustments in almost every pixel area.
Pixels only win the quality of the camera, but has the advantage of being able to update quickly in the future with Android version and unlimited photo and video memory for 3 years.
Please read the review of Google Pixel 2 XL.
10. Apple iPhone 8

• Revision: April 9, 2018
• Manufacturer: 64GB: $ 699, 256GB: $ 849
The iPhone 8 has features such as a wireless charging function, 64 GB of standard memory, and a high-speed Bionic A 11 processor. But all this is expensive and all others are nearly identical so you can not imagine or recommend upgrading an iPhone 7 user. People using older devices such as iPhone 6 and above experience much more changes.
Because many users are already on one side of the barrier, it is difficult to compare the Android rival and the iPhone. If you forget the software, the iPhone 8 will not excite you like a flagship player like Galaxy S8 or LG G6.

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