Top 10 Best Micro and Nano Dron 2018

1) Blade Nano QX BNF Micro Drone

Main features:
What? Offers exclusive SAFE ™ technology with stability and agility
What? It is small enough to fly in any room or office
What? 4 channel DSM 2 or DSMX transmitter required
What? A powerful brush motor that enables smooth and powerful shots
What? DSMX 4-in-1 Receiver / Controller / Mixer / SAFE Sensor Unit
Drone is now available in all its shapes and sizes. Today, we focus on the best microdrowons and nanodrows available for purchase. Recently, you can buy nanodlons for only $ 20! Some are designed exclusively for indoor flight, things at the far end of the range can handle slightly strong winds on the outside. Some of these drone not only surprise you with your small price, but you can also surprise you with their performance. Here is the top 10 best micro & nano dolone in 2018.

2) UDI RC U 845 Micro Zoom

Main features:
What? Features: • Camera: 720p HD video and 2MP photo • Flight control system: 6 axes, Altitude Hold makes learning easier. • Transmitter: In 2.4 GHz game controller style True Direction mode, the drone means the drone in the same way as the stick, the drone presses the button and performs a 360 ° clip and scroll. • LED ON: Blue or red circle of each engine. The pod is useful for alignment and allows night flight. Memory card: Micro size, memory card not included Battery: 1S 3.7V 380mAh LiPo, ch
What? • FPT H107C + X4 Cam Plus Drone (LiPo battery, USB cable, 2.4 GHz transmitter, 4 additional blades, blade removal tool)
What? Specifications: • Diagonal measurement: 4.45? (113 mm) • Weight: 1.98 oz (56.2 g) • Camera resolution: 1080 x 720 P • Flight time: 7 min

3) Microindividrix drone blade

Main features:
What? Lightweight, fully assembled tetrahedron
What? SAFE® technology will play children with drone
What? Quiet EDF energy system
What? Sturdy rotor housing prevents damage
What? Bright LED direction light
What? 150 mAh 1 S 3.7 V 25 C Li-Po Flight Battery

4) Contixo Micro Drone

Main features:
What? The 6-axis design adjusts the gyroscope to improve flight stability.
What? There are 3 kinds of speeds and it can be oriented in every direction
What? Large 150 mAH battery, up to 9 minutes flying time. Effective range up to 200 feet
What? Pocket-sized lightweight mini quad copla, 360 degree 3D flip, easy to navigate UAV drone for beginners
What? If you have problems with the drone, please contact us in the US. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee.

5) Microdrone Classe pony pork

Main features:
What? 83 * 83 * 70 mm FPV a big step forward for indoor racing games
What? Enjoy flight without difficulty, and have fun with 360 ° flip
What? With integrated positioning system, the drone can automatically locate the remote control. Just by pressing the back button, you can return to the position of the remote control
What? Equipped with a 5.8 G 25 mW HD camera giving a new perspective to your photos and videos. All you need is FPV mask or FPV monitor

6) REALACC R 374 Micro Zoom
Main features:
What? REALACC R374 Mini Quadcopter changes the direction of the remote control by changing the direction of the remote control.
What? If traditional flight is too easy, try new 3D special effects.
What? Different speed options give you different flight experiences. You can choose the speed according to your experience level. This helps to control the quad copter.
What? LED light makes night flight a better, more enjoyable experience.
What? If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us and we will respond within 24 hours.

7) Shima X12 micro drone

Main features:
What? 2.4 GHz 4 channel remote control
What? 1 x Rechargeable LiPo Battery
What? Flight time: Approx. 4-5 minutes
What? Charging time: Approx. 30 to 50 minutes
What? 14 years and over
What? Measurement 1.75 (L) × 1.75 (W) × 1 (H)
What? Four AA batteries (sold separately) are required

8) Estes Proto X Micro Drone

Main features:
What? Fly easily in the open interior.
What? The light contributes to pleasure while flying in the dark.
What? Since the 2.4 GHz controller is connected to the aircraft, it allows you to fly multiple planes together.
What? The 3 speed 3 axis gyro has an automatic rectification system for self correcting flight
What? Please quickly charge with the supplied USB charging cable.

9) Micro drone JJRC H 36

Main features:
What? Headless mode: Headless mode. A function that regards the direction opposite to the remote control as the correct direction when the operator is flying at a height that can not be judged the direction of the head of the aircraft. She can continue with the rest of the position.
What? 3D Roll: Just push the button on the transmitter, you get 360 degree rollover, continuous action for perfect action and amazing performance.
What? 6 Axis Gyroscope: 6-axis gyroscope for high stability realizes different flight operation with stronger wind resistance and simple control.
What? LED Light: Creative LED lights are designed for night flight options and leave beautiful scenery in the night sky.

10) Habusan Q4 micro drone

Main features:
What? 6 AXIS GYRO – The latest 6-axis flight control system, 3D lock, more general flight, more power loaded!
What? 360 ° rotation – 4 direction reversal (left, right, front and rear), continuous rolling for perfect action and amazing performance – Enjoy spinning and rotating with mini quad coater!
What? Colorful flashing light – Day and night play with this versatile quad co – op! The flashing lights are fun to play in the dark!
What? The world’s smallest quad-copter! Power pack for very fun, but very small! Small and lightweight for easy flip and flight. It’s fun to play with friends, children, family, and pets!
What? Hubsan Q4 H111 3.7V LiPo battery with nano quad copla