Ten simple things all computer users should know

No matter how technically it is, there are a few things we have to deal with when we use computers. We are not always handling them most efficiently. Here are ten things everyone can know to make computers faster, safer and easier to use.
Lifehacker accepts many simple things such as how to avoid viruses, how to use shortcuts, how to protect data, and so on. Even if you master all these tips (and chances are you will not do that) you can send them to a few friends who are not familiar with the computer. The more they know, they will not call for you. If you are looking for more advanced hints, we have them for you.

Top ten computer tips
We talked about things all computer users should know, but we care.

1. Keep personal information safe
Unfortunately, the Internet is not always a safe place so everyone needs to make sure that their personal information is safe. Please use a strong password, delete personal information from photos and other files, and do not use it without protecting the public Wi-Fi network. Keeping personal information safe is not easy. If you do not know what to do, read the checklist and maintain a safe online. How surprised were you before.

2. Easily find lost or stolen devices
You do not know when you can move your phone, laptop or other technology. Please set security measures now. iPhone users can enable Find My iPhone and Android users need to turn on Android Device Manager. With Android Device Manager you can follow up when you lose your phone. Of course, you can get more rich applications like Prey. It can keep track of most laptops, smartphones and even who can use it. If you can not find the camera, you can find it using the CameraTrace service. Of course, the best solution is to ensure that it is not stolen and to ensure that all personal information is safe. Bring us on our last tips …
3. Sharing files immediately between two computers
So you have some files that you would like to sit next to and give your friends, but your flash drive disappeared mysteriously. Guess what? You do not need it! Transferring files between two computers (or wired) on a wireless network can easily be done between you and a friend, or between multiple computers you own. There is our favorite way to share files with nearby computers, but the Windows Homegroup feature is best when sharing files among multiple computers in the house. Of course, the Dropbox application above is also useful.
4. Keep your computer in good condition while performing regular maintenance

Computer maintenance has been very confused for many years. It is almost the same as trying to maintain a car between defragmentation and temporary file purging and other tasks. Fortunately, in recent years, things have been much simplified. In order to make your computer work smoothly and smoothly, please do one or two things. For details, refer to Maintenance of Windows and Maintenance Manual of Mac to operate the PC in a new state. Also, if your phone is a bit slow, there are also iOS and Android steps.

5. You can access your computer from anywhere.

You’ve ever made something on a laptop until now. One way to solve this problem is to use a service like Dropbox to get the files anywhere. However, it is convenient to know how to use a PC from anywhere. In a simple application like TeamViewer, you can connect from a different computer to a personal computer and use it as if you are sitting on a desk. I can not find it anywhere else.

6. Do not put fertilizer in PC

Have you ever wondered how this Yahoo toolbar is installed on your system or is there too much spam installed on your new computer? Crapware is a big problem in the Windows world, but it does not require you to go to bed. With the proper tools and a little know-how, you can avoid these distractions at any time: uninstall items that came with your system and the items your company does not want. You can keep the system beautiful and you can defeat cheaters in your own game.

7. Configure the network (and solve the wireless problem)
It may be difficult to understand routers, modems, and other elements that make up the network, but with some basic elements you can solve most of the problems you encounter. Does your router always need to be reset? Please check that there is not overheating or clogging. Is your Wi – Fi speed and range ideal? Use one of these hints to stimulate it. If there are more serious problems, you can probably repair them yourself. For more information, see the comprehensive manual of the network. It includes all the information you need to know, from router purchase to network configuration.

8. Protect yourself against viruses

Windows users know long ago the pain of viruses and other malware, but good news is easy to avoid. First of all it is advisable to know the differences between viruses, Trojan horses, and other kinds of attacks and the myths surrounding them. After that, install good free antivirus software to protect yourself (Avast is our favorite, but Bitdefender is a slightly safer option). If you want, you can even get antivirus software for your Android mobile phone. But ultimately, the best way to avoid viruses is common sense. Please do not open a suspicious link. Do not install programs from untrusted sources. Actually your antivirus software says this is not a fake website.

9. Speed ​​up everything with shortcuts

The big point of the computer is that it can operate much faster than a human being. For example, you are looking for a specific word on a web page. Instead of analyzing it yourself, simply press Ctrl + F and enter the word you are looking for. There is a stack of such shortcuts. Press Ctrl + S to save the current file immediately, press Ctrl + P to print, or press Ctrl + T to add a new tab to the open Web browser. Although this may seem like more troubling than the original value, I wonder if I did something with the mouse after using the shortcut once or twice. Let’s see the list of six shortcuts that everyone should know and the disadvantages of the daily series for even more tricks.

10. Setting up a simple backup system

We all know that we have to back up the computer, but still one of the things you are setting “some day”. It takes only a few minutes to set up the backup. So, you can do it now and forget it until you need it. If you need it, you are glad that you have it in place. If you are backing up only one external drive, you can easily use simple tools built into your computer, such as Apple’s Windows Backup and Time Machine. However, this will only be protected if the computer crashes. If you lose your house in the fire, steal all your equipment or experience another kind of disaster (God is forbidden), these important documents, family photos, and other The file will be permanently lost. Therefore, we recommend using a service like CrashPlan to protect your computer online. In this way, you can safely back up your data no matter where you are, regardless of hardware.

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